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Tiara returns to Black Tgirls where this beauty now has over 20 videos for the site.  She has been a favorite inside the pages of the site for the last 10 years and this newer set she has never looked hotter.  All her past scenes on the site were either solo or her bottoming in a sweet hardcore but this time she is in the mood to tap some ass raw and she would love to take you on next.  She looks so sexy in her cute little black top and knee high white socks.  Love that burst of color in her red panties as the guy grabs onto that sweet booty in excitement that he is about to suck her sweet juicy cock and then take it deep in his ass raw.  You don’t often see the ebony models topping in the big sites, not sure why that is the case because they often top a lot in their own personal sites.  Perhaps it is just finding the male talent that is willing to do it with such a big audience.  There is still an unfortunate stigma about a guy taking a tgirl cock.  Though acceptance is much better now there are still though that battle the thoughts of taking a cock in the ass is gay and some can’t accept that.  We have always stayed away from labels, just have fun and do what you enjoy as long as it does not hurt anyone though I am sure taking Tiara’s big Black Tgirl cock is going to hurt a little but surely going to be worth it for the pleasure that is about to give this lucky guy.

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