Louisiana Sasha Velvet Tgirl

Sasha Velvet Louisiana Hot Black Tgirl

Sasha Velvet is a smoking hot curvy Black Tgirl out of Louisiana and she now has 5 videos at the time of this post on the amazing site Black Tgirls.  Sasha Velvet is a versatile hottie that prefers to bottom but has been known to reverse those roles and take a hot ass from time to time.  She will admit she prefers the big cocks inside her so you might not get too far with her if you got a little one.  I suppose if that was the case that is when she would make the exception to do some topping herself.  Whoever is bigger will be on top and who ever is smaller will be biting the pillow and taking it hard. She labels herself as Creole and certainly has an unique and very sexy look.

Sasha Velvet Black Tgirl