Black Tgirls Lovely Lacey

Lovely Lacey Sexy Kansas City Black Tgirl

Lovely Lacey is back after a few months on Black Tgirls.  She returns with new hair which I like much better on her.  Her last couple of videos she had it very short and it was cute but I prefer the longer hair like she has now.  She has a great body and it looks like she is even hotter than she was during her debut which is no easy task as she was damn hot then as well.  She is one of those natural babes that I believe has no operation work on her, just looks amazing as is.  Will she get breast enhancements and other surgeries in the future? Perhaps many of the models do go that way but there are a few that just stick to the natural look and often hormones are often used.  In any case whatever she is doing it works for me as she looks incredible with that hot big ass, sweet hard cock and welcoming smile that draws you into the bedroom.

Lovely Lacey