Jasmine Lotus

Jasmine Lotus Hot Corset Black Tgirl Star

Jasmine Lotus is back and damn she looks great in those tight pants and cute corset.  I love models in corsets and no I do not think they should wear them to crush their insides and get a super small waist like they did in the older times but wearing them casually can be super hot.  Jasmine Lotus though always looks hot in everything she wears.  She could just wear a t-shirt and shorts and look like perfection so when she dolls up, and she does love to doll up she looks even hotter.  Her body is on another level of hotness with that big booty, sweet curves and even her giant smile makes you feel like she wants you with her right now and she probably does.  I believe she is recently single again.  I might be wrong but from what I have read on Twitter her long time boyfriend is no longer in the picture.  That just gives hope for the rest of us that will be able to wake up every morning to this sexy beauty!

Jasmine Lotus Hot Ass