Black Tgirls Pressure

Future Superstar Black Tgirls Pressure

Pressure busted into the adult Black Tgirls scene just last year and I believe she is now only nineteen years old, perhaps twenty.  She has superstar written all over her and this Atlanta babe has become one of my new favorites.  To look so damn hot this early in the career is impressive.  She has it all going on for her with those full lips, sweet curves, great ass and a nice big cock.  Sure she does not have the biggest booty or cock in the business but she is a very nice all around beauty and her face is just stunning.  I could see her going really far in the industry if she decided to give it a serious go.  I do wish she would smile a bit more, so many models these days try to stick to that high fashion model look.  That is great to, there is always a time for it but a smile goes a long way with connecting to the fans even in the world of porn.  Can’t wait to see more of Pressure into the future and of course she also has scenes on Black Tgirls.

Black Tgirl Beauty Pressure