Black Tgirls Mini Review

If you really are a true fan of these ebony beauties there is no better place to join than Black Tgirls.  It is certainly the flag ship site of all Ebony TS sites on the Internet by far.  It is a site that was created by Grooby Girls and for those old school fans that site used to be called Shemale Yum before shemale kind of fell out of favor with the models.  In any case Black Tgirls opened up well over 20 years ago and has been updating ever since.  That means you have got over 1500 models, over 5500 videos and over 650 000 photos, there is no place you are going to find with this much content.  Even better is the site still continues to update 4 to 5 times a week.  Most of the content is solo action on average but they do release a hardcore scene after every few solo scenes which is a great bonus.

Many of the models have multiple movies as they love to bring back the models that are easy to work with and are fan favorites.  It is not unusual to find a popular model to have over 20 videos just on her but almost every single model usually has at least two scenes.  Sites like Black Tgirls often shoot the models in two video sessions so if you see a new model once you often will see her at least one more time and as I mentioned the more popular the more chances you will see many more scenes in the future.  As stated above the site updates on average about 4 to 5 times a week and that can be a combination of superstars and newcomers.  Black Tgirls is always finding new talent and many of those girls will go on to be huge with fans.

The majority of scenes are models from the United States, probably around 95% of the content is based in America.  The site is trying to branch out a bit more with models from Canada and Europe for the most part.  Once in a while the site will also include a sexy darker skin Brazilian Tgirl.  There has been some debate that the Brazilians are not really a great fit for the site but to this reviewer it is a nice change up and as I said a Brazilian update is very very rare. Some of the models inside also have contact information but do not expect phone numbers or email addresses.  Usually the contact information will be social media most often it is Twitter.

The site has a number of different photographers so you do get a different look from scene to scene.  Some photographers are more skilled while some are still a work in progress but Black Tgirls really tries to find talented producers and over the years they have improved quite nicely.  The content has also improved over the years. Twenty years ago it was not a big surprise to see a 5 minute video but that does not fly these days. Solo videos are usually around the 15 minute mark and the hardcore are often over 25 minutes.  Newer hardcore scenes are often bareback as well which seems to be more of a standard these days when it comes to sex scenes.  Also, all new scenes come in several different video formats including 4K and you also have the ability to stream the videos right online.

There are several sites out there that do have Black Tgirls but not in the amount that this one has.  Often the other sites are run by a solo model or just a few scenes in another site.  Nothing is wrong with those types of sites especially if you have a huge attraction to a particular model but if you want a vast amount of different models with several updates and years of content there is nothing better than Black Tgirls.